Vol 14, No 3 (2020)

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Personal Reflection

COVID-19: A Junior Doctor’s Reflections PDF
Santhiska Pather 109


Carers’ knowledge of treatment of severe acute malnutrition at Dadaab refugee complex, Kenya: A prospective cohort study PDF
A M Mbogo, E van Niekerk, I Ogada, C Schubl 110-114
Understanding daily parenting stresses in caring for children with autism spectrum disorders PDF
A P Simelane 115-118
Are acute asthma guidelines being adhered to? A review of practice in a tertiary hospital PDF
S Hoosen, V Naidoo, R Masekela 119-123
Road-to-Health Booklet assessment and completion challenges by nurses in rural primary healthcare facilities in South Africa PDF
T Win, M G Mlambo 124-128
HIV prevalence at birth in very low-birthweight infants PDF
V John, K Harper 129-132
Symptom profile following cumulative mild traumatic brain injury in early adolescent rugby union players in South Africa PDF
D O Okusanya, W J Basson 133-138
Fibroblast growth factor-23 and fetuin-A in black South African children with chronic kidney disease PDF
A Mudi, C Dickens, R Duarte, D Ballot, C Levy 139-143
‘It’s like making your own alcohol at home’: Factors influencing adolescent use of over-thecounter cough syrup PDF
Z Essack, C Groenewald, A van Heerden 144-147
A 5-year retrospective analysis of infant death at Salt River Mortuary, Cape Town PDF
L J Heathfield, L J Martin, R Ramesar 148-154
Treatment of childhood Hodgkin lymphoma in sub-Saharan Africa: A report from the French-African Paediatric Oncology Group (GFAOP) PDF
F B Diagne Akonde, B Togo, C Moreira, N M Rakotomahefa, A Pondy, C Bouda, M Harif, F ESHUN Eshun, C EDAN Edan 155-160

Case Reports

Unilateral congenital eyelid eversion: An unusual presentation PDF
S Glen Anderson, P van Niekerk, F Roodt, I Els-Goussard 161-163


Obituary PDF
Jeff Harrisberg 164
Obituary PDF
Hopewell Ntsinjana 165



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