The Micral-Test as a screening tool to detect micro- albuminuria in children 5 - 15 years old with sickle cell anaemia, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital

Adaobi Uzoamaka Solarin, Fidelis Olisamedua Njokanma


Objective. To determine the sensitivity, specificity, and positive and negative predictive values of the Micral-Test in determination of microalbuminuria (MA).

Methods. Eighty children aged 5 - 15 years with sickle cell anaemia (SCA) (HbSS) in a steady state attending the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital were recruited. The subjects were age-, sex- and social-class-matched with controls of genotype AA (HbAA). This prospective, descriptive and cross-sectional study lasted for 3 months, between October and December 2009. Morning random spot urine was used to assess the Micral-Test and the albumin/creatinine ratio (ACR). The performance of the Micral-Test was determined using the ACR as the gold standard.

Result. The sensitivity and specificity of the Micral-Test were 84.6% and 81.0%, respectively. The sensitivity and specificity were 100% and 86.6%, respectively, in children <10 years of age compared with 80% and 73.8%, respectively, in those >10 years old. The positive predictive value was 28.2% and the negative predictive value was 98% among the study subjects.

Conclusion. The sensitivity and specificity of the Micral-Test make it a good screening tool to detect MA in children with SCA. The Micral- Test is cheaper than quantitative measurement of ACR. Patients with a single positive Micral-Test should be followed up with two more Micral-Tests over a 3-month period to confirm persistent MA. 

Authors' affiliations

Adaobi Uzoamaka Solarin, Renal (ISN/IPNA) Fellow, Department of Paediatric Nephrology, Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa; and Department of Paediatrics, Babcock University Teaching Hospital, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria

Fidelis Olisamedua Njokanma, Department of Paediatrics, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria

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Sickle cell anaemia; Microalbuminuria;

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South African Journal of Child Health 2015;9(2):41-44. DOI:10.7196/SAJCH.755

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Date submitted: 2014-03-30
Date published: 2015-01-29

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